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Hepatoprotective activity of aqueous methanolic extract of Viola odorata against paracetamol-induced liver injury in mice
It was concluded from the present study that V. odorata has hepatoprotective activity against paracetamol-induced liver injury in mice.
Report: Platelet aggregation inhibition activity of selected legumes of Pakistan.
The preliminary result suggests that legume seed extract may be taken as a candidate lead natural compound to be considered in the search for natural products with beneficial effects on aberrant platelet activation mediated cardiovascular disorders.
Studies on effects of Umbelliferon derivatives against periodontal bacteria; antibiofilm, inhibition of quorum sensing and molecular docking analysis.
The umbelliferon derivatives have significant inhibition of clinical isolates and moderate antibiofilm potential.
Evaluation of prokinetic and laxative effects of Hippophae rhamnoides in rodents.
This is the first study of its kind providing insight into mechanism to the laxative potential of Hippophae rhamnoides fruit, thus rationalizing its medicinal use in constipation.
The effect of Argyrolobium roseum (Camb.) Jaub&Spach on some liver function biochemical parameters
The results reveal the fact that methanolic extracts of Argyrolobium roseum (Camb.) Jaub&Spach protected the liver function from the hepatotoxic effect of paracetamol, as shown by the lower values of the five analyzed biochemical parameters in animals that received the meethanolic extract.
Phytochemical screening and enzymatic and antioxidant activities of Erythrina suberosa (Roxb) bark
It is evident that E. suberosa (Roxb) bark can be used in future for formulating effective drugs against many ailments and is an addition to the complementary and alternative treatment strategies.
Phytochemical screening of different extracts of Kalanchoe laciniata
Alkaloids, tannins, saponins, steroids, terpenoids and flavonoids distribution in n-hexane and aqueous-methanolicextract of kalanchoelaciniata was assessed and compared. The present study was carried
Antibacterial and antibiofilm properties of traditional medicinal plant from Sheikh Buddin range.
It was concluded that Z. nummularia possess moderate antimicrobial and antibiofilm activities and a synergistic effect is suggested in formulation having Z. phytochemical screening indicated presence of saponins, triterpenes and flavonoids.
Antibacterial Activity of Different Extract of Medicinal Plant Antirrihnum Orontium.
Antirrhinum Orontium is belonging to the family Plantaginacea commonly known as lesser snapdragon which is a flowering plant belong to genus Antirrhinum. It was traditionally used in treatment of