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Experimental deformation of partially melted granite revisited: implications for the continental crust
A review and reinterpretation of previous experimental data on the deformation of partially melted crustal rocks reveals that the relationship of aggregate strength to melt fraction is non-linear,
The solid‐state flow of polymineralic rocks
Polymineralic rocks display three end-member types of mechanical and microstructural behavior: (1) strong minerals form a load-bearing framework that contains spaces filled with weaker minerals; (2)
Precollisional, multistage exhumation of subducted continental crust: The Sesia Zone, western Alps
[1] The Sesia Zone within the Tertiary arc of the western Alps is a relic of the subducted part of the Adriatic continental margin along the SE border of the Tethyan ocean. The Sesia Zone comprises
Reconstructing the Alps–Carpathians–Dinarides as a key to understanding switches in subduction polarity, slab gaps and surface motion
Palinspastic map reconstructions and plate motion studies reveal that switches in subduction polarity and the opening of slab gaps beneath the Alps and Dinarides were triggered by slab tearing and
Multistage accretion and exhumation of the continental crust (Ivrea crustal section, Italy and Switzerland)
The Ivrea crustal section exposes in map view all levels of the southern Alpine continental crust, from ultramafic, mafic, and felsic granulite facies rocks of the deep crust (Ivrea-Verbano Zone),
The Tauern Window (Eastern Alps, Austria): a new tectonic map, with cross-sections and a tectonometamorphic synthesis
We present a tectonic map of the Tauern Window and surrounding units (Eastern Alps, Austria), combined with a series of crustal-scale cross-sections parallel and perpendicular to the Alpine orogen.