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Causative agent of vascular pain among photodegradation products of dacarbazine
Diazo‐IC generated by photodegradation of dacarbazine solution causes the side‐effect of venous pain, suggesting that the mechanism of Diazo‐ IC‐induced pain is different from that of acetic‐acid‐induced inflammatory pain.
Rh(I)-catalyzed intramolecular allenic Pauson-Khand reaction: construction of a bicyclo[5.3.0]dec-1,7-dien-9-one skeleton.
[reaction: see text] 1-Phenylsulfonylallenes possessing a hexynyl appendage in refluxing toluene in the presence of catalytic amount of rhodium(I) catalyst under a carbon monoxide atmosphere
A new entry to oxacycles via base-catalyzed endo mode cyclization of allenyl sulfoxides and sulfones.
Treatment of the allenyl sulfoxides and sulfones possessing a proper delta-hydroxy appendage at the C-1 position with potassium tert-butoxide effected endo mode ring closure to provide the five- to eight-membered oxacycles in high yields.
Total synthesis of securinine.
Structure of securinine.