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Mongoose: an embeddable web server in C
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The NCI Drug Information System. 2. DIS pre-registry
The Pre-Registry Module of the Drug Information System is a staging area through which all new compounds are passed prior to acquisition and testing. Expand
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The NCI Drug Information System. 6. System maintenance
The NCI Drug Information System (DIS) is a collection of 24 interactively searchable databases which contain all the data associated with NCI's drug screening program. Expand
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Scanning with SANE and other tools
The invention relates to a device for continuously distributing parallelepipedic loads which comprises a conveyor constituted by power-driven rollers whose axis is perpendicular to that of the push-bars of an endless chain conveyor arranged above the rollers, whereas an element for guiding the objects driven simultaneously by rollers and the pushbars is arranged obliquely between the roller conveyor and push-bar conveyor. Expand
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Managing KVM deployments with Virt-Manager
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PNG: The Definitive Guide
The present invention relates to a process for the production of bis(4-hydroxyphenyl)biphenyl disulfone. Expand
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The Artist's Guide to GIMP Effects
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Notas musicales: administramos nuestra colección de música con Picard
Conseguir una experiencia iTunes requiere algo mas que Amarok o Rhythmbox. Tambien requiere planificacion -especialmente si te convertiste a la musica digital antes de que el escritorio Linux tuvieseExpand
Artists' Guide to the Desktop, Part 2
An optical disc-unit including (i) a flexible, disc-shaped support bearing a record layer, (ii) a transparent cover sheet which is transparent to write/read light and (iii) annular retaining means which engage the support and sheet, in spaced relation, substantially continuously around peripheral regions. Expand
Essential Gimp for Web Professionals
From the Book: PREFACE: Preface In the past few years the World Wide Web has become a medium where writers, editors, and software developers have migrated, either by choice or by request, to the world of publishing. Expand