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Mesoporous silica material TUD-1 as a drug delivery system.
For the first time the feasibility of siliceous mesoporous material TUD-1 (Technische Universiteit Delft) for drug delivery was studied. Model drug, ibuprofen, was adsorbed into TUD-1 mesopores via aExpand
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Evaluation of Mesoporous TCPSi, MCM-41, SBA-15, and TUD-1 Materials as API Carriers for Oral Drug Delivery
The feasibility of four mesoporous materials composed of biocompatible Si (TCPSi) or SiO2 (MCM-41, SBA-15, and TUD-1) were evaluated for oral drug delivery applications. The main focus was to studyExpand
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Surface Ti3+-containing (blue) titania: A unique photocatalyst with high activity and selectivity in visible light-stimulated selective oxidation
A one-step synthesis procedure at elevated temperature was used to prepare Ti3+-containing blue titania. The prepared material was characterized by X-ray powder diffraction (XRD), UV–vis, Raman, andExpand
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Efficient catalytic epoxidation of olefins with silylated Ti-TUD-1 catalysts
Various silylated Ti-TUD-1 samples were synthesized by treating Ti-TUD-1 samples of differing Ti loadings with hexamethyldisilazane (HMDS). The silylation of silanol (SiOH) and titanol groups (TiOH)Expand
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The Effect of TiO
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Photocatalytic decomposition of cortisone acetate in aqueous solution.
The photocatalytic decomposition of cortisone 21-acetate (CA), a model compound for the commonly used steroid, cortisone, was studied. CA was photocatalytically decomposed in a slurry reactor withExpand
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Co-TUD-1 catalysed aerobic oxidation of cyclohexane
Co-TUD-1, an amorphous sponge-like mesoporous cobalt-containing silicate, was shown to be a very active and selective catalyst for the aerobic oxidation of cyclohexane. In addition, the decompositionExpand
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A facile microwave-assisted synthesis of PbMoO4 nanoparticles and their key characteristics analysis: a good contender for photocatalytic applications
This work reports the synthesis of lead molybdate (PMO) nanoparticles via simple facile microwave assisted method and their characterization. The prepared product was characterized using differentExpand
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Leader Election Modes of the Service Distribution Protocol for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
The invention relates to an electro-Hydraulic governor particularly for a turbo-jet engine. Expand
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Adaptive fuzzy decentralized control for interconnected MIMO nonlinear subsystems
This paper describes an adaptive fuzzy control strategy for decentralized control for a class of interconnected nonlinear systems with MIMO subsystems. Expand
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