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Near-Source Ground Motion and its Effects on Flexible Buildings
Occurrence of large earthquakes close to cities in California is inevitable. The resulting ground shaking will subject buildings in the near-source region to large, rapid displacement pulses whichExpand
Response of High-Rise and Base-Isolated Buildings to a Hypothetical Mw 7.0 Blind Thrust Earthquake
This work simulated the near-source ground motions of a Mw 7.0 thrust earthquake and mathematically modeled the response of a 20-story steel-frame building and a 3-story base-isolated building to answer the question of how these two types of buildings perform if a large earthquake occurs beneath a metropolitan area. Expand
Carbon Fiber Shear Retrofit of Forty-Two-Year-Old AASHTO I-Shaped Girders
Sixteen shear capacity tests were performed on eight decommissioned AASHTO prestressed concrete girders that had been in service for over 42 years. These bridge members presented a unique opportunityExpand
Live-Load Analysis of a Curved I-Girder Bridge
Horizontally curved, steel girder bridges are often used in our modern infrastructural system. The curve in the bridge allows for a smother transition for traffic, which creates better road travel.Expand
Overview of Vibrational Structural Health Monitoring with Representative Case Studies
In the field of nondestructive evaluation and damage detection, there is continued interest in the utilization of vibrational techniques. Structural damage will result in permanent changes in theExpand
Bridge Failure Rate
AbstractA regional bridge failure database was used to determine the bridge failure rate with associated causes. Using a sample population from one DOT over a 25-year period, the average number ofExpand
Comparison of Prestress Losses for a Prestress Concrete Bridge Made with High-Performance Concrete
Five prestressed concrete girders made with high-performance concrete were instrumented using vibrating-wire strain gages. Their behavior was monitored for three years from the time of casting. TheExpand
Delamination Detection of Reinforced Concrete Decks Using Modal Identification
Traditional peak-picking, frequency domain decomposition, and stochastic subspace identification methods were applied to the modal identification from dynamic response measurements and the delamination detection approach was proved to be effective for concrete decks on beams. Expand
Behavior of 48-Year-Old Double-Tee Bridge Girders Made with Lightweight Concrete
AbstractThis paper describes the experimental testing of 48-year-old concrete bridge girders that were fabricated using lightweight concrete. After the bridge was decommissioned, three girders wereExpand
Live-Load Analysis of Posttensioned Box-Girder Bridges
This paper presents an evaluation of flexural live-load distribution factors for cast-in-place box-girder bridges. The response of a typical box-girder bridge was recorded during a static live-loadExpand