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A risk and control-oriented study of the practices of spreadsheet application developers
  • M. Hall
  • Computer Science
  • Proceedings of HICSS-29: 29th Hawaii…
  • 3 January 1996
The significance to the management of end-user computing of tolerating a high level of risk is discussed and the need for an end- user spreadsheet control model is established. Expand
A process for evaluating legal knowledge-based systems based upon the context criteria contingency-guidelines framework
The ISO 14598 evaluation process is extended with a novel evaluation framework which satisfies three important requirements: elements of existing software engineering evaluation methodologies are integrated and subsumed, making them more readily accessible to the evaluator; requirements specific to the legal domain are included; and the intended users do not necessarily require extensive software engineering expertise. Expand
Supporting discretionary decision-making with information technology: a case study in the criminal sentencing jurisdiction
A number of increasingly sophisticated technologies are now being used to support complex decision-making in a range of contexts. This paper reports on a project undertaken to provide decisionExpand
A Strategy for Evaluating Web-Based Discretionary Decision Support Systems
This framework frames an evaluation both in terms of the context of use of the system and the context of its evaluation and includes guidelines for the selection of appropriate evaluation criteria under differing contingencies. Expand
The Development and Rapid Evolution of the Knowledge Model of ADVOKATE: An Advisory System to Assess the Credibility of Eyewitness Testimony
ADVOKATE, a web-enabled knowledge base application operating in the forensic and legal domain, offers assistance to police and legal counsel in their task of assessing the credibility of potentialExpand
Prototyping a Legal Decision Support System: A Case Study
This paper describes a project to develop a prototype of an intelligent computer system that contains legal domain knowledge which is capable of being accessed via the World Wide Web, and which canExpand
Indicative Markers of Leadership provided by ICT Professional Bodies in the Promotion and Support of Ethical Conduct
Most countries with a mature Information and Communications Technology (ICT industry have at least one professional body (PB) that claims to represent its members working with such technology. OtherExpand
The A.D.E. taxonomy of spreadsheet application development
The special-purpose A.D.E.E (Application, Development, Environment) taxonomy of spreadsheet application development was evolved by mathematical taxonomic methods to categorise spreadsheet development projects to facilitate their management and control. Expand