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Trust in physicians and medical institutions: what is it, can it be measured, and does it matter?
Despite the profound and pervasive importance of trust in medical settings, there is no commonly shared understanding of what trust means, and little is known about what difference trust actuallyExpand
Measuring Patients’ Trust in their Primary Care Providers
Existing scales to measure trust in physicians have differing content and limited testing. To improve on these measures, a large item pool (n = 78) was generated following a detailed conceptual modelExpand
Trust in the medical profession: conceptual and measurement issues.
OBJECTIVE To develop and test a multi-item measure for general trust in physicians, in contrast with trust in a specific physician. DATA SOURCES Random national telephone survey of 502 adultExpand
The impact of local immigration enforcement policies on the health of immigrant hispanics/latinos in the United States.
OBJECTIVES We sought to understand how local immigration enforcement policies affect the utilization of health services among immigrant Hispanics/Latinos in North Carolina. METHODS In 2012, weExpand
Development of abbreviated measures to assess patient trust in a physician, a health insurer, and the medical profession
BackgroundDespite the recent proliferation in research on patient trust, it is seldom a primary outcome, and is often a peripheral area of interest. The length of our original scales to measure trustExpand
Measuring patients' trust in physicians when assessing quality of care.
Trust is a fundamentally important aspect of medical treatment relationships. Studies have established that patient trust predicts instrumental variables such as use of preventive services,Expand
Systematic Content Analysis of Judicial Opinions
Despite the interdisciplinary bent of legal scholars, the academy has yet to identify an empirical methodology that is uniquely its own. We propose that one standard social science technique -Expand
Trust and Satisfaction With Physicians, Insurers, and the Medical Profession
Background. Conceptual or theoretical analysts of trust in medical settings distinguish among markedly different objects or types of trust. However, little is known about how similar or differentExpand
■ Abstract This review provides a synthesis of published public health and social science literature to determine how process evaluation has been used to examine community participation and itsExpand
Measuring Trust in Medical Researchers
Background:Concern is widespread that the public’s and participants’ trust in medical research is threatened, but few empirical measures of research trust exist. This project aims to enable moreExpand