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Phenomenology and the Meaning of Aging for Young and Old Adults
Qualitative methods were used to examine the similarities and differences in the meaning of aging for young and old adults and found that young adults tended to associate aging with increased responsibility and lost freedom, and older adults perceived aging positively.
"Many Who Wandered in Darkness": The Contest over American National Identity, 1795-1798
  • M. Hale
  • Political Science
  • 23 October 2007
On May 1, 1798, a correspondent from Albany wrote to the Philadelphia Gazette of the United States regarding the impact of the XYZ Affair.1 “The circumstance,” noted the author, “has thrown light in
On Their Tiptoes: Political Time and Newspapers during the Advent of the Radicalized French Revolution, circa 1792–1793
In his 1937 magnum opus, The Historical Novel, Hungarian literary critic Georg Lukacs suggested that new ideas about history - and implicitly, about time itself- laid the foundation for the
List of Publications on the Economic and Social History of Great Britain and Ireland Published in 2006
(The place of publication is London and the date 2006 unless otherwise stated.)