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The parasite fauna of buzzards (Buteo spp.) in the territory of Slovakia – the results of an initial study
The parasite fauna of buzzards (Buteo spp.) in the territory of Slovakia – the results of an initial study Petronela Komorová, Ruslan Salamatin, Zuzana Hurníková, Ervín Hapl, Ladislav Molnár, MilošExpand
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Monitoring of Physiological Changes of Uric Acid Concentration in the Blood of Snakes
Abstract The evaluation of uric acid concentrations in the blood of snakes is a crucial tool in the diagnosis of gout and renal disease; both prevalent diseases in captive reptiles. However, withoutExpand
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Estimating losses to customers on account of mis-selling life insurance policies in India
This paper presents two approaches that use publicly available data to estimate the loss to investors from mis-selling of insurance products. The first approach uses the number of lapsed policiesExpand
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Do Disclosures Matter? The Case of Life Insurance
We evaluate the effectiveness of disclosures in the context of the insurance market in India. We present product advertisements to customers with three differing sets of disclosures: the actual rateExpand
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Misled and Mis-sold: Financial Misbehaviour in Retail Banks?
We use an audit methodology where auditors ask for tax-saving instruments from banks and document the disclosures made on product features at the time of sale. In private sector banks with high salesExpand
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The Fatal Case of an Autochthonous Heartworm Disease in a Dog from a Non-endemic Region of South-eastern Slovakia
Summary During the past few years, several localities with increasing Dirofilaria immitis occurrences have been identified in Slovakia; particularly in areas regarded as endemic for DirofilariaExpand
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The case of the missing billions: estimating losses to customers due to mis-sold life insurance policies
Regulation of retail finance has been the subject of policy interventions in several countries, including India. Much of the regulatory change in India has been carried out with little support ofExpand
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Observation of Seasonal Changes of Selected Hematological Parameters in Trachemys Spp.
Abstract This study focused on observation of seasonal changes of selected haematological parameters in Trachemys spp. The experiment involved 6 turtles of the same species and approximately the sameExpand