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We generalize, simultaneously, the ring of real-valued continuous functions and the ring of real-valued measurable func- tions.
Perfect quantum state transfer on the Johnson scheme
For any graph $X$ with the adjacency matrix $A$, the transition matrix of the quantum walk at time $t$ is given by the matrix-valued function $\mathcal{H}_X(t)=e^{itA}$. We say that there is a
Computation of conductor for finite extensions with cyclic Galois groups
Abstract At first a definition of “conductor” for abelian extensions K k (K⊇k⊇Q) by “ray ideal classes” is given. Then we will show for cyclic extensions K k , with Galois groups of degree 4, f (K k)
Computation of relative integral bases for algebraic number fields
At first we are given conditions for existence of relative integral bases for extension (K;k) n. Then we will construct relative integral bases for extensions OK6(6/)/Ok2(/) OK 6(6/)/Ok3(3/), OK6(6/)
Computation of mersenne primes using cray X-MP
  • M. Haghighi
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
    Int. J. Comput. Math.
  • 1992
Lucas-Lehmer's algorithm for primality testing mersenne numbers is introduced and compiled and run in CRAY X-MP in order to prevent overflow and to improve execution speed.
Computation of prime numbers by using a probabilistic algorithm
Abstract A probabilistic algorithm for testing primality of a large integer ‘ n ’ is introduced. The algorithm is then compiled and run on the Pascal programming language. If the algorithm determines
On rainbow 4-term arithmetic progressions
Let (n) = {1,...,n} be colored in k colors. A rainbow AP(k) in (n) is a k term arithmetic progression whose elements have dierent colors. Conlon, Jungic and Radoicic (3) prove that there exists an
Computation of Hilbert sequence for composite quadratic extensions using different type of primes in Q
First, we will give all necessary definitions and theorems. Then the definition of a Hilbert sequence by using a Galois group is introduced. Then by using the Hilbert sequence, we will build tower