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“sparse” temporal sampling in auditory fMRI
“sparse” temporal sampling is presented, using this technique, single volumes of brain images are acquired at the end of stimulus and baseline conditions, and the effective auditory stimulus for the activation is not masked by the scanner noise.
Spectral and temporal processing in human auditory cortex.
Hierarchical processing suggests that spectrally and temporally complex stimuli will evoke more activation than do simple stimuli, particularly in non-primary auditory fields. This hypothesis was
Detection in noise by spectro-temporal pattern analysis.
Detectability of a 400-ms, 1000-Hz pure-tone signal was examined in bandlimited noise where different spectral regions were given similar waveform envelope characteristics, and it was determined that the frequency relation and remoteness of the coherent noise did not particularly influence the magnitude of the unmasking effect.
The clinical assessment of obscure auditory dysfunction--1. Auditory and psychological factors.
We define obscure auditory dysfunction (OAD) as the clinical presentation of reported difficulty understanding speech in the presence of noise accompanied by clinically "normal" hearing thresholds,
Functional magnetic resonance imaging measurements of sound-level encoding in the absence of background scanner noise.
The loudness formula is recommended as the most appropriate basis of matching sound level to control for loudness effects when cortical responses to other stimulus attributes, such as stimulus class, are the principal concern.
Perceiving vowels from uniform spectra: Phonetic exploration of an auditory aftereffect
The present experiments demonstrate that segments of sound with uniform spectra, devoid of peaks and valleys, can be identified reliably as vowels under certain circumstances and suggest that the effect is rooted in peripheral adaptation processes and that central processes responsible for selective attention and perceptual grouping play only a minor role at most.
The devoicing of voiced fricatives
New benzathrone acridine dyestuffs are provided. The compounds of the present invention are those represented by the general formula:
Can Meaningful Effective Connectivities Be Obtained between Auditory Cortical Regions?
SEM of central auditory function appears to be highly sensitive to the voxel-selection procedure and/or the sampling of the time series, and requires that goodness of fit be confirmed to ensure generalizability of connectivity patterns.
Otitis Media, Hearing Loss, and Language Learning: Controversies and Current Research
Ass associations between OME and perceiving speech in noise and tasks that require equal binaural hearing have been reported but have not been adequately studied with regard to functional outcomes.
The four alternative auditory feature test (FAAF)--linguistic and psychometric properties of the material with normative data in noise.
The linguistic properties of the FAAF test material are expounded in relation to its objectives. It is shown from reference data that there are lexical effects inherent in the use of real-word