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Calixarene-Based Fluorescent Sensors for Cesium Cations Containing BODIPY Fluorophore.
New fluorescent molecular sensors based on a calix[4]arene biscrown-6 ether as coordination site and BODIPY derivative as signaling unit were synthesized, and their photophysical properties wereExpand
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Highly selective and sensitive phosphane sulfide derivative for the detection of Hg2+ in an organoaqueous medium.
A new fluorescent molecular sensor for Hg2+ based on the phosphane sulfide derivative exhibits a very low detection limit in an aqueous medium (3.8 nM) with a very high selectivity over otherExpand
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Synthesis, fluorescence, and two-photon absorption of bidentate phosphane oxide derivatives: complexation with pb(2+) and cd(2+) cations.
A series of fluorescent phosphane oxide derivatives based on diphenylphosphanoethane (DPPE) and diphenylphosphanomethane (DPPM) skeletons has been prepared by means of Grignard reactions andExpand
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Synthesis of novel rod-shaped and star-shaped fluorescent phosphane oxides--nonlinear optical properties and photophysical properties.
The design of a new class of fluorophores is presented. Some push-pull chromophores (D-pi-A) containing polyphenylethynyl units and a phosphane oxide moiety were efficiently prepared from commonExpand
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First observation in the gas phase of the ultrafast electronic relaxation pathways of the S(2) states of heme and hemin.
The time evolution of electronically excited heme (iron II protoporphyrin IX, [Fe(II) PP]) and its associated salt hemin (iron III protoporphyrin IX chloride, [Fe(III) PP-Cl]), has been investigatedExpand
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Time-Resolved Interception of Multiple-Charge Accumulation in a Sensitizer-Acceptor Dyad.
Biomimetic models that contain elements of photosynthesis are fundamental in the development of synthetic systems that can use sunlight to produce fuel. The critical task consists of running severalExpand
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An efficient indirect mechanism for the ultrafast intersystem crossing in copper porphyrins.
The ultrafast dynamics of copper tetraphenylporphyrin (CuTPP), copper octaethylporphyrin (CuOEP), and of the free base tetraphenylporphyrin (H2TPP), excited in the S2 state have been investigated inExpand
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Highly selective and sensitive Hg2+ fluorescent sensors based on a phosphane sulfide derivative.
A series of fluorescent sensor molecules based on a phosphane sulfide derivative were designed and synthesized. The effect of the distance between the complex entities as well as the number and theExpand
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A Highly Selective Potassium Sensor for the Detection of Potassium in Living Tissues.
The development of highly selective sensors for potassium is of great interest in biology. Two new hydrosoluble potassium sensors (Calix-COU-Alkyne and Calix-COU-Am) based on a calix[4]areneExpand
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Sensitized emission of luminescent lanthanide complexes based on a phosphane oxide derivative.
The photophysical properties of a complex based on diphenylphosphanoethane (DPPE) fluorescent ligands linked to a europium ion have been investigated by different spectroscopic methods. UponExpand
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