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If the title of Dr. Pappworth's book was chosen to raise the hackles of the clinical investigator, it has succeeded in my instance; and I hope that my admitted bias in this review is not greater thanExpand
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"Human guinea pigs"--a history.
In 1967, Pappworth expanded a 1962 journal article on unethical experiments with human subjects into a book, Human Guinea Pigs: Experimentation on Man (Routledge). Here Pappworth describes theExpand
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Vitamin B12 (from Streptomyces griseus) in Pernicious Anaemia
marked fatty degeneration and there was well-marked necrosis of the liver cells in the central areas of the lobules. There was little regeneration of the liver cells, but proliferation of the bileExpand
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Cyclical Mucosal Ulceration
Crosbie. A., and Scarborotugh, H. (1941). Britisit Medical Journal, 1, 31. and Thompson, J. C. (1941). Edinb. mned. J., 48. 41. FuLllerton. H. W. (1940). Lancet, 2. 195. Hobson, F. C. G., and Witts,Expand
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Cyclical Mucosal Ulceration
SIR,-It appears to me LinfortUnate that at a time \Mlien X\itamin-containing foois are scarce the cost of vitamin preparations, which is always high, shoulld be enhanced by puLrchase tax. 1Expand
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Modern Hippocratic Oath
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Psoriasis and Arthritis
SIR,-Dr. H. Baker and his colleagues in an article published in your journal (August 10, p. 348) in the first instance accept the mathematical proof that the association of psoriasis and arthritisExpand
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A Primer of Medicine
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