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Action potential generation requires a high sodium channel density in the axon initial segment
The axon initial segment (AIS) is a specialized region in neurons where action potentials are initiated. It is commonly assumed that this process requires a high density of voltage-gated sodium (Na+)Expand
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Axon Initial Segment Kv1 Channels Control Axonal Action Potential Waveform and Synaptic Efficacy
Action potentials are binary signals that transmit information via their rate and temporal pattern. In this context, the axon is thought of as a transmission line, devoid of a role in neuronalExpand
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Single Ih Channels in Pyramidal Neuron Dendrites: Properties, Distribution, and Impact on Action Potential Output
The hyperpolarization-activated cation current (Ih) plays an important role in regulating neuronal excitability, yet its native single-channel properties in the brain are essentially unknown. Here weExpand
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State and location dependence of action potential metabolic cost in cortical pyramidal neurons
Action potential generation and conduction requires large quantities of energy to restore Na+ and K+ ion gradients. We investigated the subcellular location and voltage dependence of this metabolicExpand
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Heteromeric Kv7.2/7.3 Channels Differentially Regulate Action Potential Initiation and Conduction in Neocortical Myelinated Axons
Rapid energy-efficient signaling along vertebrate axons is achieved through intricate subcellular arrangements of voltage-gated ion channels and myelination. One recently appreciated example is theExpand
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Signal Processing in the Axon Initial Segment
The axon initial segment (AIS) is a specialized membrane region in the axon of neurons where action potentials are initiated. Crucial to the function of the AIS is the presence of specificExpand
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Inherited cortical HCN1 channel loss amplifies dendritic calcium electrogenesis and burst firing in a rat absence epilepsy model
While idiopathic generalized epilepsies are thought to evolve from temporal highly synchronized oscillations between thalamic and cortical networks, their cellular basis remains poorly understood.Expand
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Is action potential threshold lowest in the axon?
Action potential threshold is thought to be lowest in the axon, but when measured using conventional techniques, we found that action potential voltage threshold of rat cortical pyramidal neurons wasExpand
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Covariation of axon initial segment location and dendritic tree normalizes the somatic action potential
Significance Neurons generate highly reliable and temporally precise action potentials with a spatial onset in the axon initial segment. The axon initial segment location relative to the soma is,Expand
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First Node of Ranvier Facilitates High-Frequency Burst Encoding
In central neurons the first node of Ranvier is located at the first axonal branchpoint, ∼ 100 μm from the axon initial segment where synaptic inputs are integrated and converted into actionExpand
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