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Crystal Structure of MtaN, a Global Multidrug Transporter Gene Activator*
MtaN (Multidrug Transporter Activation, N terminus) is a constitutive, transcriptionally active 109-residue truncation mutant, which contains only the N-terminal DNA-binding and dimerization domainsExpand
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The 2.2 A resolution crystal structure of Bacillus cereus Nif3-family protein YqfO reveals a conserved dimetal-binding motif and a regulatory domain.
YqfO of Bacillus cereus is a member of the widespread Nif3 family of proteins, which has been highlighted as an important target for structural genomics. The N- and C-terminal domains are conservedExpand
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Structural basis for the preference of UTP over ATP in human deoxycytidine kinase: illuminating the role of main-chain reorganization.
Human deoxycytidine kinase (dCK) uses nucleoside triphosphates to phosphorylate several clinically important prodrugs in addition to its natural substrates. Although UTP is the preferred phosphorylExpand
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Structural Biology of Bacterial Multidrug Resistance Gene Regulators*
Multidrug resistance (mdr) can be defined broadly as the ability of a cell to survive ordinarily lethal doses of more than one drug. Clearly, such resistance is a critical problem in the treatment ofExpand
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The Sampling of Conformational Dynamics in Ambient-Temperature Crystal Structures of Arginine Kinase.
Arginine kinase provides a model for functional dynamics, studied through crystallography, enzymology, and nuclear magnetic resonance. Structures are now solved, at ambient temperature, for theExpand
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Crystallization and preliminary X-ray diffraction studies on the DNA-binding domain of the multidrug transporter activation protein (MtaN) from Bacillus subtilis.
The N-terminal DNA-binding domain of the multidrug transporter activation protein (MtaN) was crystallized by the hanging-drop vapour-diffusion method using lithium chloride as a precipitant. TheExpand
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Kinetic Analysis of Prodrug Activation and ATP/UTP Substrate Preference of Nine Human Deoxycytidine Kinase Mutants
Introduction Materials and Methods Results Acknowledgements Conclusions Deoxynucleoside analogues are prodrugs that can function as inhibitors of both viral and cellular DNA replication processes.Expand