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Attachment insecurity, mentalization and their relation to symptoms in eating disorder patients
ABSTRACT Objective: To investigate the relationships of attachment security and mentalization with core and co-morbid symptoms in eating disorder patients. Method: We compared 51 eating disorderExpand
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Anxiety disorders: sex differences in prevalence, degree, and background, but gender-neutral treatment.
BACKGROUND Anxiety disorders are more prevalent among women than among men. OBJECTIVE The aim of this paper was to investigate to what degree current psychological theories and treatment of anxietyExpand
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Effects of negative mood induction and impulsivity on self-perceived emotional eating.
OBJECTIVE The current study investigates the influence of negative mood induction and impulsivity on self-perceptions with respect to emotional eating. Negative affect as well as high impulsivity wasExpand
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The relationships of antisocial behavior with attachment styles, autonomy-connectedness, and alexithymia.
The present study was aimed at investigating the relationships among attachment styles, autonomy-connectedness (self-awareness, sensitivity to others, and capacity for managing new situations),Expand
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Schema therapy for borderline personality disorder: a comprehensive review of its empirical foundations, effectiveness and implementation possibilities.
Borderline personality disorder is a serious psychiatric disorder for which the effectiveness of the current pharmacotherapeutical and psychotherapeutic approaches has shown to be limited. In theExpand
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Investigating gender within health research is more than sex disaggregation of data: A Multi-Facet Gender and Health Model
The aim of this article is to contribute to the further improvement of research in the area of gender and health. First, a review is given of several points of criticism regarding the ways in whichExpand
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Relations between dietary restraint, depressive symptoms, and binge eating: A longitudinal study.
OBJECTIVE Temporal relations between dietary restraint, depressive symptoms, and binge eating were tested by means of three competing models positing that (1) dietary restraint and depressiveExpand
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Functional status in patients with medically unexplained physical symptoms: Coping styles and their relationship with depression and anxiety
This study examined how coping styles are related to functional status in patients with medically unexplained physical symptoms and to what extent depression and anxiety account for thisExpand
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The relationships among part-time work, work-family interference, and well-being.
The authors investigated the effect of part-time work on work-family interference and well-being among 160 part-time and 29 full-time employed mothers (with a partner) working at 2 insuranceExpand
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Predicting individual differences in autonomy-connectedness: the role of body awareness, alexithymia, and assertiveness.
Autonomy-connectedness is the capacity for being on one's own as well as for satisfactorily engaging in interpersonal relationships. Associations have been shown between autonomy-connectednessExpand
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