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HydroCopper™—a new technology producing copper directly from concentrate
Abstract The direct leaching of copper concentrate instead of smelting will be beneficial and gain ground in the future. This paper presents the HydroCopper™ Technology, which is comprised of aExpand
Asthenocnemis linnaei, a new damselfly species from Dumaran island, Philippines (Odonata, Platycnemididae)
Asthenocnemis linnaei spec. nov. is described from the Philippine island of Dumaran in the northeastern Palawan subregion. Notes on the taxonomic history of the genus Asthenocnemis are provided.
The Caloptera damselflies of Thailand – Distribution maps by provinces (Odonata: Calopterygoidea)
Distribution maps at province level accuracy are presented for the 44 species of the superfamily Calopterygoidea (in the old sense, excluding the ’megapodagrionid’ families) recorded in Thailand.Expand
Critical species of Odonata in the Philippines
The need of further field surveys and taxonomic work is briefly emphasized and the present difficulties faced by field workers in the Philippines are discussed. Expand
Description of Heliocypha vantoli spec. nov. from Siberut in the Mentawai Islands (Odonata: Chlorocyphidae).
Heliocypha vantoli Hämäläinen, spec. nov. [holotype ♂ from Indonesia, Mentawai Islands (off Sumatra), Siberut Island, 29-31 January 2013, deposited at RMNH, Leiden, The Netherlands] is described andExpand
- 51-Description of Anisopleura bipugio sp . nov . from southern Vietnam ( Odonata : Euphaeidae )
A new euphaeid damselfly species, Anisopleura bipugio sp. nov. (holotype male from Bidoup-Nui Ba in Lam Dong province, southern Vietnam) is described and illustrated for the male sex. It differs fromExpand
A revision of the Philippine subgenus Risiocnemis (Igneocnemis) Hämäläinen (Odonata: Platycnemididae)
speciose genus of the damselfly subfamily Calicnemiinae in the Indo-Pacific region. It is endemic to the Philippine archipelago, but does not occur in the Sulu archipelago and the Palawan islandExpand
Critical species of Odonata in Thailand and Indochina
Thailand has the most diverse and best known odonate fauna, but knowledge of the Laotian and Vietnamese fauna has increased rapidly over the last 10 years. Expand