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The Structure and Function of Ecosystems in the Central North American Grassland Region
The central grassland region occupies the center of North America in the United States, Canada and Mexico and is a unique resource for the continent. While there are no other areas with comparableExpand
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Two Population-Environment Regimes in the Great Plains of the United States, 1930–1990
This paper analyzes factors that affect net migration rates in counties in the U.S. Great Plains between 1930 and 1990, emphasizing the roles of weather (especially drought), environmental amenities,Expand
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Confidentiality and spatially explicit data: Concerns and challenges
This paper presents four sometimes conflicting principles for the conduct of ethical and high-quality science using such data: protection of confidentiality, the social–spatial linkage, data sharing, and data preservation. Expand
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Katrina in historical context: environment and migration in the U.S.
The massive publicity surrounding the exodus of residents from New Orleans spurred by Hurricane Katrina has encouraged interest in the ways that past migration in the U.S. has been shaped byExpand
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Long-term Trends in Population, Farm Income, and Crop Production in the Great Plains
ABSTRACT Despite concern about the social, economic, and ecological viability of the agricultural Great Plains, a century-long examination reveals that threats to society, economy, and environmentExpand
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This paper demonstrates a method for using historical county-level agricultural land-use data to drive an ecosystem model. Four case study counties from the U.S. Great Plains during the 19th and 20thExpand
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Three Eras of Young Adult Home Leaving in Twentieth-Century America
This article divides the history of coming of age in the U.S. in the twentieth century into three distinct time periods: one that ran from 1880 until World War Il, one that started in the 1940s andExpand
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War and Rural Life in the Early Modern Low Countries
In addition to famine and disease, war had a considerable impact on rural society in early modern Europe. Myron Gutmann studies this impact through a systematic analysis of military, economic, andExpand
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Land use change: complexity and comparisons
Research on the determinants of land use change and its relationship to vulnerability (broadly defined), biotic diversity and ecosystem services (e.g. Gullison et al. 2007), health (e.g. Patz et al.Expand
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