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Microwave Noise Characterization of GaAs MESFET's: Evaluation by On-Wafer Low-Frequency Output Noise Current Measurement
A simplified noise equivalent circuit is presented for submicron-gate-length MESFET's in the common-source configuration, consisting of five linear circuit elements: the gate-to source capacitanceExpand
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Microwave noise characterization of GaAs MESFET's: determination of extrinsic noise parameters
A previously proposed noise equivalent circuit model for a GaAs MESFET (M. S. Gupta et al., ibid., vol.35, no.12, p.1208-18, 1987) is supplemented with a model for device parasitics, in order toExpand
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Definition of instantaneous frequency and frequency measurability
It is pointed out that the definitions of instantaneous and Fourier frequencies of a signal are noncausal and their measurement requires physically unrealizable systems. Some additional definitionsExpand
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Determination of the noise parameters of a linear 2-port
A new algorithm is given for the calculation of the four noise parameters of a linear 2-port from experimental measurements of its noise figure as a function of source admittance. Expand
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Degradation of power combining efficiency due to variability among signal sources
The power combining efficiency of a symmetric n-way power combiner depends on the degree of imbalance among its input signals. The worst-case efficiency is established for a combiner when its inputExpand
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Microwave engineering and applications
  • M. Gupta
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  • IEEE Transactions on Education
  • 1 May 1984
This review is based on a two-semester sequence of microwave engineering courses for senior undergraduate / first-year graduate students at the University of Utah. Expand
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Power combining efficiency and its optimisation
The power combining efficiency of an n-way power combiner is calculated in terms of the scattering matrix of the combiner network, and the factors affecting it are identified. The maximum value ofExpand
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Performance and Design of Microwave FET Harmonic Generators
Experimental measurements of the power gain of a 4- to 8-GHz frequency doubler, employing a single-gate GaAs MESFET device and a microstrip circuit, are reported. The measured performance providesExpand
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Noise Considerations in Self-Mixing IMPATT-Diode Oscillators for Short-Range Doppler RADAR Applications
The influence of the oscillator noise on the minimum detectable signal of a Doppler RADAR with a self-mixing IMPATT-diode oscillator is evaluated. For very short-range RADARs, it is the AM noiseExpand
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Electrical noise : fundamentals & sources
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