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Low-Cost Undergraduate Control Systems Experiments Using Microcontroller-Based Control of a DC Motor
The objective of this module is that students-fresh from a first course in control systems theory, which introduces them to proportional-integral-derivative control and to design using Bode plots and root locus-learn how a simple modern control system is built. Expand
Gsm based LPG leakage detection and controlling system
-----------------------------------------------------------ABSTRACT --------------------------------------------------------Gas leakage is a major problem with industrial sector, residential premisesExpand
Efficient Gas Leakage Detection and Control System using GSM Module
In this project, after the leakage of gas is detected, the valve is automatically closed, thereby stopping the leakage and the electric power supply is also shut down to prevent fire accidents. Expand
Comments on “ Kinematics Modeling and Analyses of Articulated Rovers
We show that the method of the commented paper [1] has errors in the part related to wheel slips. That part is one of the two parts that distinguish that method from earlier works. We present aExpand
A Comparative Analysis of Switching Logics for Five Phase Voltage Source Inverter
Electric drives plays a vital role in modern industries and its access is simplified with advances in power electronics and digital control. However pulsating torque in the drive and injection ofExpand
Cooperative control of a dual-motor ball and beam system
We describe here a dual-motor ball and beam experimental setup that we built in the Networked Control Systems laboratory in the Department of Electrical Engineering at IIT Kanpur. This setup willExpand
Robust Queen Bee Assisted Genetic Algorithm (QBGA) Optimized Fractional Order PID (FOPID) Controller for Not Necessarily Minimum Phase Power Converters
It is demonstrated that the boost converter with a PID controller using the Queen Bee assisted Genetic Algorithm (QBGA) optimization is not robust to plant parameter variations, and a fractional order PID controller based on QBGA optimization proposed here is shown to have improved robustness. Expand