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Why we blog
Bloggers are driven to document their lives, provide commentary and opinions, express deeply felt emotions, articulate ideas through writing, and form and maintain community forums.
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Blogging as social activity, or, would you let 900 million people read your diary?
"Blogging" is a Web-based form of communication that is rapidly becoming mainstream. In this paper, we report the results of an ethnographic study of blogging, focusing on blogs written byExpand
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Blogs as “Protected Space”
I report on blogs as a “protected space” within the context of an ethnographic study that examined blogging from a “blogger’seye” view. I discuss the ability of bloggers to control the content ofExpand
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Blogging by the rest of us
Weblogs (or blogs) are frequently updated webpages with posts typically in reverse-chronological order. Blogging is the latest form of online communication to gain widespread popularity and it isExpand
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Blogging as social activity
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Visual Foraging of Highlighted Text: An Eye-Tracking Study
The wide availability of digital reading material online is causing a major shift in everyday reading activities. Readers are skimming instead of reading in depth [Nielson 1997]. Highlights areExpand
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ScentHighlights: highlighting conceptually-related sentences during reading
Researchers have noticed that readers are increasingly skimming instead of reading in depth. Skimming also occur in re-reading activities, where the goal is to recall specific topical facts.Expand
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ScentIndex and ScentHighlights: Productive Reading Techniques for Conceptually Reorganizing Subject Indexes and Highlighting Passages∗
A great deal of analytical work has been carried out in the context of reading, in digesting the semantics of the material, the identification of important entities, and capturing the relationshipExpand
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A Closer Look at Why People Blog
Introduction Weblogs, or blogs, are online journals. While definitions vary, we define blogs as a series of archived Internet posts typically characterized by brief texts entered in reverseExpand