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Agro-industrial lignocellulosic biomass a key to unlock the future bio-energy: A brief review
Abstract From the last several years, in serious consideration of the worldwide economic and environmental pollution issues there has been increasing research interest in the value of bio-sourcedExpand
Fatty acid composition of seed oil of different Sorghum bicolor varieties.
The results suggest that these S. bicolor varieties could be additional sources of edible oil due to presence of clinically important saturated and high concentration of unsaturated fatty acids. Expand
Study of most prevalent wheat seed-borne mycoflora and its effect on seed nutritional value.
Chemical analysis of seeds clearly showed a decrease in the carbohydrate, fats and ash contents of stored wheat grains as compared to the freshly harvested seeds with no effect on total proteins. Expand
Ethanol production from Sorghum bicolor using both separate and simultaneous saccharification and fermentation in batch and fed batch systems
The objective of this work was to find the best combination of different experimental conditions during pre-treatment, enzymatic saccharification, detoxification of inhibitors and fermentation ofExpand
Quality assessment and antimicrobial activity of various honey types of Pakistan.
Different formulations of honey has significantly inhibited growth of pathogenic microorganisms, Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Candida albicans and Aspergillus niger when compared to control group, which is an evidence that honey is a therapeutic agent being used since ancient time throughout the world. Expand
Production and partial purification of pectin lyase by Aspergillus niger grown on orange peels
The peel of citrus fruits contains a large percentage of pectin which can be a good substrate for pectinolytic microorganisms. These microbes secrete large amount of extracellular enzymes to degradeExpand
Physico-chemical, functional and processing attributes of some potato varieties grown in Pakistan
A study was generated from six commercial potato varieties and studied for their physical, chemical, functional and processing attributes. Lady Rosetta followed by Hermes was the most appreciableExpand
PAH exposure and oxidative stress indicators of human cohorts exposed to traffic pollution in Lahore city (Pakistan).
increasing traffic pollution can be associated with important health risk factor not only for the workers in transport industry but also for the public, and the issue of traffic pollution in Lahore city needs to be addressed on priority. Expand
Phytochemical analysis and antibacterial activity of Eruca sativa seed
The present study supports effectiveness of E. sativa seeds for its use in traditional medicine used in various human disorders. Expand
Investigation for Bioactive Compounds of Berberis Lyceum Royle and Justicia Adhatoda L.
It was observed that roots of both plant species contained higher concentrations of these chemical compounds as compared to fruits and leaves except sugar and vitamin C those were high in fruits, indicating their importance in the form of local medicines. Expand