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Microelectrodes, Microelectronics, and Implantable Neural Microsystems
Lithographically defined microelectrode arrays now permit high-density recording and stimulation in the brain and are facilitating new insights into the organization and function of the central nervous system. Expand
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A Microassembled Low-Profile Three-Dimensional Microelectrode Array for Neural Prosthesis Applications
This paper describes the design and micro- assembly process of a low-profile 3-D microelectrode array for mapping the functional organization of targeted areas of the central nervous system and forExpand
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A Three-Dimensional 64-Site Folded Electrode Array Using Planar Fabrication
Neuroscience and neuroprosthetic devices are increasingly in need of more compact less invasive 3-D electrode arrays for interfacing with neural tissue. To meet these needs, a folding 64-site 3-DExpand
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Silicon neural recording arrays with on-chip electronics for in-vivo data acquisition
This paper describes a 64 site, 8 channel silicon microelectrode for single-unit neural recording. The probe features integrated CMOS circuitry for electronic positioning of the active recordingExpand
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Silicon Microelectrodes with Flexible Integrated Cables for Neural Implant Applications
This paper describes two different cable structures that can be integrated with silicon microprobes and fabricated using etch-stops and wet release at wafer level. Expand
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A self-testing multiplexed CMOS stimulating probe for a 1024-site neural prosthesis
This paper describes a multiplexed silicon microprobe for selectively stimulating and recording in the central nervous system. The probe is used in a three-dimensional array and is designed as theExpand
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Microassembly Techniques for a Three-Dimensional Neural Stimulating Microelectrode Array
  • Ying Yao, M. Gulari, K. Wise
  • Computer Science, Medicine
  • International Conference of the IEEE Engineering…
  • 2006
This paper describes microassembly techniques for an out-of-plane three-dimensional microelectrode array for neural stimulating and recording in the central nervous system. Expand
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A shuttered probe with in-line flowmeters for chronic in-vivo drug delivery
This paper describes a micromachined microprobe for in-vivo drug delivery at the cellular level. The probe was developed to support research in neuropharmacology as well as for eventual use in neuralExpand
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Design and fabrication of microwell array chips for a solution-based, photogenerated acid-catalyzed parallel oligonuclotide DNA synthesis
Abstract Development of synthesis methods using high yield acid-labile rather than photolabile group protected monomers is desirable to produce microarrays of superior quality, general adaptabilityExpand
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An integrated position-sensing system for a MEMS-based cochlear implant
An interface providing multi-point microstimulation and position sensing has been developed for a cochlear prosthesis, integrating a MEMS-based electrode array with signal-processing electronics. TheExpand
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