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What's Wrong with Children's Rights
This book explores the subject of children's rights as a phenomenon: how the rhetoric of children's rights is used, by whom, and to whose advantage. It describes how the modern Children's RightsExpand
The Foster Care Dilemma and What to Do About it: Is the Problem that Too Many Children are Not Being Adopted out of Foster Care or that Too Many Children are Entering Foster Care?
For the past twenty-five years there has been on-going concern about foster care policy and practice in the United States. In the 1970s a number of important critics, including Robert Mnookin' andExpand
Love and the American Delinquent
How Children's Lawyers Serve State Interests
Those familiar with my views on representing children know that I have long raised arguments against providing young children with lawyers in most kinds of legal proceedings. In what are undoubtedlyExpand
Effects of an interdisciplinary approach to parental representation in child welfare
Abstract This study utilizes a quasi-experimental propensity score matching design to assess the causal impact on child welfare outcomes when parents facing an abuse or neglect case in the New YorkExpand
The AAML’s Revised Standards for Representing Children in Custody and Visitation Proceedings: The Reporter’s Perspective
This article describes the Standards for the Representation of Children in Custody and Visitation proceedings recently promulgated by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers. It also seeks toExpand