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Paradigms and revolutions: Applications and appraisals of Thomas Kuhn's philosophy of science. Ed. by GARY GUTTING (University of Notre Dame Press, Notre Dame, 1980). Pp. viii + 339. Cloth $18.95;Expand
The soul and God
Learning to Love: From Egoism to Generosity in Descartes
Descartes is well known for his metaphysics and physics, the roots and trunk of his philosophical project. But Descartes’s morals are generally neglected, partly because they are so difficult toExpand
The Soul and the Body
An unpublished lesson on the two versions of the Kantian deduction of the categories
Martial Gueroult gave a course at the College de France on Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason in 1957–1958, which remains unpublished. The text presented here is an edition of a lesson on the differenceExpand