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Budding and tubulation in highly oblate vesicles by anchored amphiphilic molecules.
The dynamics of bud formation, shrinkage, and readsorption is consistent with an induced spontaneous curvature coupled with local amphiphile diffusion on the membrane. Expand
Pearling instabilities of membrane tubes with anchored polymers.
A model is presented, which explains the observed phenomena and predicts polymer segregation according to local membrane curvature at late stages of pearled tube relaxation. Expand
Interactions between magnetic nanowires and living cells: uptake, toxicity, and degradation.
It is anticipated that this degradation of magnetic nanowires should prevent long-term asbestos-like toxicity effects related to high aspect ratio morphologies and that these wires represent a promising class of nanomaterials for cell manipulation and microrheology. Expand
Shape transition in artificial tumors: from smooth buckles to singular creases.
Using swelling hydrogels, this work studies the evolution of a thin circular artificial tumor whose growth is confined at the periphery and which loses its initial symmetry and bifurcates towards an oscillatory shape when the volume of the outer proliferative ring increases. Expand
Strong Adhesion of Giant Vesicles on Surfaces: Dynamics and Permeability
Evanescent wave induced fluorescence microscopy combined with phase contrast microscopy is applied to study the strong electrostatic adhesion of giant unilamellar vesicles (GUV) on flat surfaces.Expand
In vitro toxicity of nanoceria: effect of coating and stability in biofluids
The results demonstrate that the control of the surface chemistry of the particles and its ability to prevent aggregation can affect the toxicity of nanomaterials. Expand
Shear-banding in surfactant wormlike micelles: elastic instabilities and wall slip
We report on the flow dynamics of a wormlike micellar system (CPCl/NaSal/brine) undergoing a shear-banding transition using a combination of global rheology, 1D ultrasonic velocimetry and 2D opticalExpand
Selective adhesion, lipid exchange and membrane-fusion processes between vesicles of various sizes bearing complementary molecular recognition groups.
Equimolar mixtures of large unilamellar vesicles (LUVs) obtained from mixtures of egg lecithin and lipids containing complementary hydrogen bonding head groups (barbituric acid (BAR) andExpand
Shear-induced permeation and fusion of lipid vesicles.
A novel approach to controlling membrane permeability in free unilamellar vesicles using shearing in the presence of a detergent with a large head-group to tune pore formation could offer a simple means of postencapsulating bioactive molecules to prepare vesicle vectors for drug delivery. Expand
Coiling instability of multilamellar membrane tubes with anchored polymers.
A coiling instability of cylindrical multilamellar stacks of phospholipid membranes, induced by polymers with hydrophobic anchors grafted along their hydrophilic backbone is studied. Expand