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Relating Almen intensity to residual stresses induced by shot peening: a numerical approach
Abstract Shot peening is a surface impact treatment widely used to improve the performance of metal parts and welded details subjected to fatigue loading, contact fatigue, stress corrosion and otherExpand
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Cold spray coating: review of material systems and future perspectives
Abstract Cold gas dynamic spray or simply cold spray (CS) is a process in which solid powders are accelerated in a de Laval nozzle toward a substrate. If the impact velocity exceeds a thresholdExpand
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The influence of nanostructured features on bacterial adhesion and bone cell functions on severely shot peened 316L stainless steel.
Substrate grain structure and topography play major roles in mediating cell and bacteria activities. Severe plastic deformation techniques, known as efficient metal-forming and grain refiningExpand
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Fatigue behavior of a low-alloy steel with nanostructured surface obtained by severe shot peening
Abstract Severe shot peening aimed to generate a nanograined layer over specimens’ surface has been applied by means of standard air blast equipment but using peening parameters essentially differentExpand
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Microstructure and fatigue behavior of cold spray coated Al5052
The effect of cold spray coating in inducing residual stresses in the substrate and its effect on delaying crack initiation under cyclic loading have been studied on Al5052 alloy specimens. DifferentExpand
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Nanoscale surface modification of AISI 316L stainless steel by severe shot peening
Abstract Surface nanocrystallization is gaining increased attention due to its high potential of enhancing mechanical functionality and modulating material's interaction with the surroundingExpand
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An approach for prediction of fatigue strength of shot peened components
In this paper the problem of predicting and optimising the fatigue strength of shot peened specimens is dealt with. A series of notched cylindrical specimens, peened by using different parameters,Expand
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The effect of nitriding, severe shot peening and their combination on the fatigue behavior and micro-structure of a low-alloy steel
Abstract Fatigue strength of mechanical components can be greatly enhanced by generating compressive residual stress, increasing the hardness and reducing the grain size. It is well known that whileExpand
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Numerical and experimental analysis of surface roughness generated by shot peening
Abstract Shot peening, apart from its various projected effects, modifies also the surface state of treated components in terms of surface irregularities. Bearing in mind that both the macroscopicExpand
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