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A class-wide phylogenetic assessment of Dothideomycetes
We present a comprehensive phylogeny derived from 5 genes, nucSSU, nucLSU rDNA, TEF1, RPB1 and RPB2, for 356 isolates and 41 families (six newly described in this volume) in Dothideomycetes. AllExpand
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High photobiont diversity associated with the euryoecious lichen‐forming ascomycete Lecanora rupicola (Lecanoraceae, Ascomycota)
The diversity and phylogenetic position of photobionts in the widespread saxicolous, crustose lichen-forming asco- mycete Lecanora rupicola s.l. is presented. The algal partners of this lichenExpand
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New insights into classification and evolution of the Lecanoromycetes (Pezizomycotina, Ascomycota) from phylogenetic analyses of three ribosomal RNA- and two protein-coding genes.
The Lecanoromycetes includes most of the lichen-forming fungal species (> 13500) and is therefore one of the most diverse class of all Fungi in terms of phenotypic complexity. We report phylogeneticExpand
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Nature-based Solutions : New Influence for Environmental Management and Research in Europe
Greening roofs or walls to cool down city areas during summer, to capture storm water, to abate pollution, and to increase human well-being while enhancing biodiversity: nature-based solutions (NBSExpand
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Phylogeny of rock-inhabiting fungi related to Dothideomycetes
The class Dothideomycetes (along with Eurotiomycetes) includes numerous rock-inhabiting fungi (RIF), a group of ascomycetes that tolerates surprisingly well harsh conditions prevailing on rockExpand
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Lichens—a promising source of bioactive secondary metabolites
Lichen-forming fungi are unique organisms, producing biologically active metabolites with a great variety of effects, including antibiotic, antimycobacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, analgesic,Expand
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Studien an flechtenbewohnenden Pilzen der sammelgattung Didymella (Ascomycetes, Dothideales)
For the ascomycete commonly called Didymella sphinctrinoides and related species the new genus Zwackhiomyces is introduced. According to the present knowledge the genus comprises 9 species all ofExpand
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Microbial consortia of bacteria and fungi with focus on the lichen symbiosis
Abstract The investigation of fungal–bacterial interactions is an emerging field of research applying tools of modern microbial ecology. Studies have previously focused on the mycorrhizosphere, butExpand
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Where does Lecanora Demissa (Ascomycota, Lecanorales) Belong?
Abstract Abstract: Lecanora demissa (Korb.) Zahlbr. is a crustose, lobate lichen that produces soredia and conidiomata but no apothecia. Its placement in Lecanora has long been questioned but nothingExpand
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