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The history of South American tropical precipitation for the past 25,000 years.
During the deglacial and Holocene periods, there were several millennial-scale wet phases on the Altiplano and in Amazonia that coincided with anomalously cold periods in the equatorial and high-latitude North Atlantic, such as the Younger Dryas. Expand
A tectonic model for Cenozoic igneous activities in the eastern Indo–Asian collision zone
Geochronologic dating and compilation of existing age data suggest that Cenozoic activities in the eastern Indo^ Asian collision zone of southeast China and Indochina occurred in two episodes, eachExpand
Origin and episodic emplacement of the Manaslu Intrusive Complex
decompression to achieve the same result appear to require extreme The Manaslu granite is the most studied of the dozen or so plutons conditions not permitted by available geological constraints.Expand
Geochronologic and thermobarometric constraints on the evolution of the Main Central Thrust, central Nepal Himalaya
The Main Central Thrust (MCT) juxtaposes the high-grade Greater Himalayan Crystallines over the lower-grade Lesser Himalaya Formation; an apparent inverted metamorphic sequence characterizes theExpand
U-Pb zircon geochronology of late Neoproterozoic–Early Cambrian granitoids in Iran: Implications for paleogeography, magmatism, and exhumation history of Iranian basement
Eurasia has largely grown to its present enormous size through episodic addition of crustal blocks by recurring birth and demise of oceans such as Paleotethys and Neotethys. Excluding the Kopet DaghExpand
A model for the origin of Himalayan anatexis and inverted metamorphism
The origin of the paired granite belts and inverted metamorphic sequences of the Himalaya has generally been ascribed to development of the Main Central Thrust (MCT). Although a variety of modelsExpand
Ridge-trench interactions and the Neogene tectonic evolution of the Magdalena shelf and southern Gulf of California: Insights from detrital zircon U-Pb ages from the Magdalena fan and adjacent areas
ABSTRACTThe Magdalena fan is an apparently beheaded submarine depocenter that has fi g-ured prominently in reconstructions of mid-dle to late Miocene Pacifi c–North American plate interactions. TheExpand
Thermal structure and exhumation history of the Lesser Himalaya in central Nepal
The Lesser Himalaya (LH) consists of metasedimentary rocks that have been scrapped off from the underthrusting Indian crust and accreted to the mountain range over the last ~20 Myr. It now forms aExpand
Exhumation of the west-central Alborz Mountains, Iran, Caspian subsidence, and collision-related tectonics
Crystallization and thermal histories of two plutons in the west-central Alborz (also Elburz, Elburs) Mountains, northern Iran, are combined with crosscutting relations and kinematic data from nearbyExpand
Pliocene eclogite exhumation at plate tectonic rates in eastern Papua New Guinea
In situ zircon U/Pb ion microprobe data is presented that dates the timing of eclogite facies metamorphism in eastern Papua New Guinea at 4.3 ± 0.4 Myr ago, making this the youngest documented eClogite exposed at the Earth's surface. Expand