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Dyadic Green's functions in a planar stratified, arbitrarily magnetized linear plasma
A general spectral domain formulation to the problem of radiation of arbitrary distribution of sources embedded in a horizontally stratified arbitrarily magnetized linear plasma is presented. TheExpand
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The Viking Radio Science Investigations
The Viking radio science investigations use the highly accurate radio tracking and communications systems data from the Viking orbiters and landers to perform a number of analyses concerningExpand
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The «Skyhook»: A shuttle-borne tool for low-orbital-altitude research
SommarioSatelliti collegati con cavo allo Shuttle in orbita contribuiscono in modo significativo alla versatilità del veicolo. Se lo Shuttle è in orbita a 200 km di altezza, l'uso di un cavetto lungoExpand
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Viking Radio Occultation Measurements of the Martian Atmosphere and Topography: Primary Mission Coverage
Radio occultation measurements were made at approximately 50 locations on Mars with the Viking Orbiter 1 S (2.3 GHz) and X (8.4 GHz) band tracking links during October 1976. The measurements haveExpand
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Test of the weak-equivalence principle in an Einstein elevator
SummaryA technique for testing the weak-equivalence principle is presented. This technique involves the measurement of differential accelerations between two test masses of different materials (e.g.,Expand
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An Estimate of the Capacity of the Meteor Burst Channel
An estimate of the capacity of the meteor burst communication channel is given. Expand
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Effects of Nonzero-Centroid and Skewness of Fading Spectrum on Incoherent FSK and DPSK Error Probabilities
The effects of nonzero-centroid and skewness of a fading spectrum are shown to influence the binary error probabilities of incoherent FSK and differentially coherent DPSK matched-filter receivers. Expand
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Orbiting transmitter and antenna for spaceborne communications at ELF/VLF to submerged submarines
An orbital emplacement for the transmitter and the antenna of a communications link at ELF (30 to 300 Hz) and VLF (3 kHz to 30 kHz) to submerged submarines has been considered since the veryExpand
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Radio Science Experiments: The Viking Mars Orbiter and Lander
Abstract The objective of the radio science investigations is to extract the maximum scientific information from the data provided by the radio and radar systems on the Viking Orbiters and Landers.Expand
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High‐resolution multipath measurements of the meteor scatter channel
An experimental method for determining the multipath spread of the meteor scatter communications channel is discussed. The technique measures the spreading of equalization pulses contained inExpand
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