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Three subsequent infanticides covered up as SIDS
Within a period of 9 years a young woman lost 3 daughters during infancy and each time death was attributed to the sudden infant death syndrome. The children had different fathers and died at theExpand
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Secondary skull fractures in head wounds inflicted by captive bolt guns: autopsy findings and experimental simulation
Apart from one article published by Rabl and Sigrist in 1992 (Rechtsmedizin 2:156–158), there are no further reports on secondary skull fractures in shots from captive bolt guns. Up to now, theExpand
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Pulmonary arteriovenous malformation causing sudden death due to spontaneous hemothorax
A sudden death due to hemothorax caused by spontaneous rupture of a congenital pulmonary arteriovenous malformation (AVM) is reported. A 44-year-old woman died unexpectedly with chest pain andExpand
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Medicolegal evaluation of suicidal deaths exemplified by the situation in Germany
Suicide is a significant form of unnatural death and must be differentiated as such from other violent manners of death (homicide, accident), but also from unexpected deaths due to natural causes.Expand
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Non-traumatic subdural hematoma secondary to septic brain embolism: A rare cause of unexpected death in a drug addict suffering from undiagnosed bacterial endocarditis.
Acute subdural hematomas are mostly due to blunt traumatization of the head. In rare instances, subdural bleeding occurs without evidence of a previous trauma following spontaneous hemorrhage, e.g.Expand
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Effect of shortening the barrel in contact shots from rifles and shotguns
In a suicidal gunshot fired to the chest from a carbine, the barrel of which had been shortened to half its original length, an unexpectedly large degree of destruction of the anterior thoracic wallExpand
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GSR deposition along the bullet path in contact shots to composite models
In contact shots, all the materials emerging from the muzzle (combustion gases, soot, powder grains, and metals from the primer) will be driven into the depth of the entrance wound and the followingExpand
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Tissue defect at the gunshot entrance wound: what happens to the skin?
To investigate the question what happens to the tissue lost at the entrance wound, experimental studies were performed on composite models consisting of dyed pig skin and gelatin blocks. For the testExpand
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Two-gun suicide by simultaneous shots to the head: interdisciplinary reconstruction on the basis of scene investigation, autopsy findings, GSR analysis and examination of firearms, bullets and
Suicidal shots fired simultaneously to the head from two handguns are rare. The authors report about a recent case in which a Smith & Wesson cal. 9 mm pistol and a Smith & Wesson cal. .357 MagnumExpand
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Textile fibres along the bullet path – experimental study on a skin-gelatine composite model
In the past, the presence of textile fibres in the bullet track of gunshot injuries in body regions covered with clothes was used to differentiate between entrance and exit wounds; as with handguns,Expand
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