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The Evolution of Parental Care
  • M. Gross
  • Biology, Medicine
  • The Quarterly Review of Biology
  • 1 March 2005
Our understanding of parental care behavior can be significantly advanced through the application of Williams’s Principle, which states that reproduction has not only a benefit but also a cost toExpand
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Sneakers, Satellites and Parentals: Polymorphic Mating Strategies in North American Sunfishes
In North American sunfishes (Lepomis: Centrarchidae) ♂♂ build nests and provide solitary parental care for the young. In this paper I provide for bluegill (L. macrocbirus) a detailed account of ♂♂Expand
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Evolution of diadromy in fishes
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The evolution of male and female parental care in fishes
In this paper we propose an explanation for (a) the predominance of male care in fishes, and (b) the phylogenies and transitions that occur among care states. We also provide a general evolutionaryExpand
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Parental Care and the Evolution of Egg Size in Fishes
The quality of parental care appears to correlate positively with egg size, both among and within species of fishes. Past models of the trade-off between quantity and quality of offspring have beenExpand
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An experimental study of the reproductive behaviour and success of farmed and wild Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar)
1. Escape of cultured organisms into natural ecosystems may threaten wild populations both ecologically and genetically. In the aquaculture industry, farmed Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.) oftenExpand
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Female mate preference enhances offspring growth and reproduction in a fish, Poecilia reticulata
Recent models of sexual selection suggest that females may prefer males that provide heritable benefits (‘good genes’) for offspring development or survival. We tested this possibility with aExpand
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Salmon Breeding Behavior and Life History Evolution in Changing Environments
Ecologists are increasingly interested in how organisms respond to altered environments. This interest is stimulated in part by the rapid change that human activities are bringing upon the planet.Expand
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Sperm investment and alternative mating tactics in bluegill sunfish (Lepomis macrochirus)
Although alternative mating tactics are found in males of many species, little is known about tactic-specific adaptations to sperm competition and the mechanism by which fertilization success isExpand
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