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How the brain processes complex words: an event-related potential study of German verb inflections.
Event-related brain potentials (ERPs) were recorded as German-speaking subjects read verbs in correct and incorrect participle forms. The critical words were presented in three different versions toExpand
Human brain potentials to violations in morphologically complex Italian words
Event-related brain potentials were recorded while 12 Italian-speaking subjects read correctly and incorrectly inflected verb forms. Participle forms of three types of verbs were investigated: 1stExpand
Brain potentials associated with perceptual priming vs explicit remembering during the repetition of visual word-form
Priming of visual word-form was studied using a reading manipulation in which some words appeared in a backward format (e.g., d-r-o-w) instead of the usual forward format. In Experiment 1, subjectsExpand
Brain Potentials in the Processing of Complex Sentences: An ERP Study of Control and Raising Constructions
In the present study we made use of Event-Related Potentials (ERPs) to examine raising and subject control constructions in German. Expand