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Quantization of the complex linear superfield
Abstract We perform the quantization of the complex linear superfield viewed as the field strength of an unconstrained gauge superfield. The gauge-fixing procedure leads to an infinite tower ofExpand
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Linear Regge trajectories from worldsheet lattice parton field theory
Abstract We show that unlike conventional field theory, the particle field theory of the string's constituents produces in the ladder approximation linear Regge trajectories, in accord with itsExpand
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Zero value for the three-loop. beta. function in N=4 supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory
This Letter describes a calculation using superfield techniques, showing that the ..beta.. function is zero to three loops in N=4 supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory. This result gives furtherExpand
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Toda soliton mass corrections and the particle-soliton duality conjecture
Abstract We compute quantum corrections to soliton masses in affine Toda theories with imaginary exponentials based on the nonsimply-laced Lie algebras c n (1) We find that the soliton mass ratiosExpand
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Superloops 3, beta 0: A calculation in N = 4 Yang-Mills theory
Abstract We present details of a calculation using superfield techniques, to show that the β-function is zero to 3 loops in N = 4 supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory.
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Four Lectures on Supergraphs
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Gauge-gravity dualities, dipoles and new non-Kähler manifolds
Abstract In this work we explore many directions in the framework of gauge-gravity dualities. In type IIB theory we give an explicit derivation of the local metric for five branes wrapped on rigidExpand
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