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Potential antiradiation agents. I. Primary aminoalkanethiosulfuric acids.
Effect of parenteral injections of particulate matter on survival of x-irradiated animals.
Oxygen Consumption Following Whole-Body X-Irradiation of Guinea Pigs
Summary Oxygen consumption in guinea pigs given 250 r, remains within the limits determined for their nonirradiated litter mates up to 13 days following irradiation.
Prophylactic antibiotic therapy in x-irradiated animals.
I T HAS long been known that ionizing radiation causes severe damage to the defenses against infection. Antibiotic prophylaxis, however, exerts an extremely variable effect in preventing or delayingExpand
2-Mercaptoacetamidine and derivatives as antiradiation agents.
Mouse Endogenous Spleen Counts as a Means of Screening for Anti-Radiation Drugs
Abstract Using eight radioprotective compounds, a comparison was made between the “standard” survival method and a method employing the counting of macroscopic spleen colonies in assessing the degreeExpand
Radioprotection by Mitotic Inhibitors and Mercaptoethylamine
In the mouse, chemical interference with cellular proliferation alters the radiosensitivity of the bone marrow, and this results in protection from otherwise lethal x-irradiation. When intestinalExpand