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Quantum phase transition from a superfluid to a Mott insulator in a gas of ultracold atoms
This work observes a quantum phase transition in a Bose–Einstein condensate with repulsive interactions, held in a three-dimensional optical lattice potential, and can induce reversible changes between the two ground states of the system.
A quantum gas microscope for detecting single atoms in a Hubbard-regime optical lattice
A quantum gas ‘microscope’ that bridges the two approaches to creating highly controllable quantum information systems, realizing a system in which atoms of a macroscopic ensemble are detected individually and a complete set of degrees of freedom for each of them is determined through preparation and measurement.
Probing many-body dynamics on a 51-atom quantum simulator
This work demonstrates a method for creating controlled many-body quantum matter that combines deterministically prepared, reconfigurable arrays of individually trapped cold atoms with strong, coherent interactions enabled by excitation to Rydberg states, and realizes a programmable Ising-type quantum spin model with tunable interactions and system sizes of up to 51 qubits.
Collapse and revival of the matter wave field of a Bose–Einstein condensate
It is observed that the matter wave field of the Bose–Einstein condensate undergoes a periodic series of collapses and revivals; this behaviour is directly demonstrated in the dynamical evolution of the multiple matter wave interference pattern.
Ultracold quantum gases in three-dimensional optical lattice potentials
In this thesis I report on experiments that enter a new regime in the many body physics of ultracold atomic gases. A Bose-Einstein condensate is loaded into a three-dimensional optical lattice
Observation of resonance condensation of fermionic atom pairs.
In order to search for condensation on either side of the resonance, a technique that pairwise projects fermionic atoms onto molecules is introduced; this enables to measure the momentum distribution of fermionics atom pairs.
Probing the Superfluid–to–Mott Insulator Transition at the Single-Atom Level
Single atom–single lattice site imaging is used to investigate the Bose-Hubbard model on a microscopic level and enables space- and time-resolved characterization of the number statistics across the superfluid–Mott insulator quantum phase transition.
Emergence of a molecular Bose–Einstein condensate from a Fermi gas
This work reports the direct observation of a molecular Bose–Einstein condensate created solely by adjusting the interaction strength in an ultracold Fermi gas of atoms, which represents one extreme of the predicted BCS–BEC continuum.
Measuring entanglement entropy in a quantum many-body system
Making use of the single-site-resolved control of ultracold bosonic atoms in optical lattices, two identical copies of a many-body state are prepared and interfered to directly measure quantum purity, Rényi entanglement entropy, and mutual information.