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Jupiter gravity field estimated from the first two Juno orbits
The combination of the Doppler data from the first two Juno science orbits provides an improved estimate of the gravity field of Jupiter, crucial for interior modeling of giant planets. TheExpand
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Same beam interferometry as a tool for the investigation of the lunar interior
Abstract Lunar Laser Ranging (LLR), by providing routine measurements of the distance to retro-reflector arrays on the lunar surface with centimeter accuracy, has allowed very accurate investigationsExpand
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Evaluation of deep space Ka-band data transfer using radiometeorological forecast models
The RadioMeteorological Operations Planner technique (RadioMetOP) is described together with its main modelling components and objectives. Expand
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ASI-SRV general purpose modules for the preprocessing of remote sensed optical data
The Project called Sistema Rischio Vulcanico (SRV) is funded by the Italian Space Agency (ASI) in the frame of the National Space Plan 2003-2005 under the Earth Observations section for natural risksExpand
The lunar gravity mission MAGIA: preliminary design and performances
The importance of an accurate model of the Moon gravity field has been assessed for future navigation missions orbiting and/or landing on the Moon, in order to use our natural satellite as an intermediate base for next solar system observations and exploration as well as for lunar resources mapping and exploitation. Expand
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Mapping lunar mascons on the hidden side of the Moon: Gravitational field measurement through a micro-satellite mission
Abstract The gravitational anomalies of the Moon have never been completely mapped; in particular, those on the hidden side are known only through the interpolation of data obtained for the visibleExpand
Hedging strategies in jump diffusion pricing models
Probability theory. Stochastic process. Jump process. Jump-diffusion model. Stochastic calculus for jump process. Change of variable formula. Hedging strategy. Hedging strategy.