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Accelerated Glial Reactivity to Stroke in Aged Rats Correlates with Reduced Functional Recovery
Following cerebral ischemia, perilesional astrocytes and activated microglia form a glial scar that hinders the genesis of new axons and blood vessels in the infarcted region. Since glial reactivityExpand
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Accelerated accumulation of N‐ and C‐terminal βAPP fragments and delayed recovery of microtubule‐associated protein 1B expression following stroke in aged rats
The age‐related decline in plasticity of the brain may be one factor underlying poor functional recovery after stroke. In the present work we tested the hypothesis that the attenuation of neuralExpand
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Exocytosis from permeabilized bovine adrenal chromaffin cells is differently modulated by guanosine 5'-[gamma-thio]triphosphate and guanosine 5'-[beta gamma-imido]triphosphate. Evidence for the
1. In bovine adrenal chromaffin cells made permeable either to molecules less than or equal to 3 kDa with alphatoxin or to proteins less than or equal to 150 kDa with streptolysin O, the GTPExpand
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Time-gated x-ray tomography with scatter reduction is demonstrated using a laser-produced plasma as an ultrashort-pulse x-ray source in combination with a time-resolving streak-camera detector.Expand
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High-resolution spectroscopy of laser-produced plasmas in the photon energy range above 10 keV.
X-rays from a laser-produced plasma were analysed using single-photon counting germanium detectors. Special attention was given to the extremely high photon flux, requiring either a longExpand
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Time-gated imaging in radiology: theoretical and experimental studies
Novel short-pulse X-ray sources, e.g., laser-produced plasmas, offer new approaches to the solution of the scatter-reduction problem in X-ray imaging, by the use of time-gated detection techniques.Expand
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X-ray generation for medical applications from a laser-produced plasma
We present investigations on the generation of X-ray radiation suitable for different types of medical imaging. Pulses from a 10 Hz terawatt laser system with a duration of 150 fs are focused onto aExpand
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Generation, characterization, and medical utilization of laser-produced emission continua
Intense continua of electromagnetic radiation of very brief duration are formed in the interaction of focused ultra-short terawatt laser pulses with matter. Two different kinds of experiments, whichExpand
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Time-gated imaging in planar and tomographic x-ray imaging
Time-gated imaging is a new technique for scatter suppression in radiological imaging, based on the use of ultrashort x-ray pulses in combination with a fast gatable detector. We demonstrate scatterExpand
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