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MRI fuzzy segmentation of brain tissue using neighborhood attraction with neural-network optimization
A robust segmentation technique based on an extension to the traditional fuzzy c-means (FCM) clustering algorithm is proposed and a neighborhood attraction, which is dependent on the relative location and features of neighboring pixels, is shown to improve the segmentation performance dramatically.
The validation of a novel activity monitor in the measurement of posture and motion during everyday activities
The activPAL physical activity monitor is a valid and reliable measure of posture and motion during everyday physical activities and may facilitate interventions aimed at reducing inactivity.
The validity and reliability of a novel activity monitor as a measure of walking
The activPAL monitor is a valid and reliable measure of walking in healthy adults and its accuracy is not influenced by walking speed, suggesting it may be a useful device in sports medicine.
A practical gait analysis system using gyroscopes.
  • K. Tong, M. Granat
  • Computer Science, Medicine
    Medical engineering & physics
  • 1 March 1999
This study investigated the possibility of using uni-axial gyroscopes to develop a simple portable gait analysis system by automatically resetting the system to re-initialise the angle in each gait cycle, and high-pass filtering.
Methods for objective measure, quantification and analysis of sedentary behaviour and inactivity.
This study presents the first evidence that bouts of sedentary activity are power law distributed, and suggests that the power law exponent alpha and the GINI index G, used to describe the pattern of accumulation of Sedentary time, could be used to evaluate and quantify sedentary behaviour.
Large Scale Population Assessment of Physical Activity Using Wrist Worn Accelerometers: The UK Biobank Study
The summary measure of overall physical activity is lower in older participants and age-related differences in activity are most prominent in the afternoon and evening, which lays the foundation for studies of physical activity and its health consequences.
Pain biology education and exercise classes compared to pain biology education alone for individuals with chronic low back pain: a pilot randomised controlled trial.
In the short term, pain biology education alone was more effective for pain and pain self-efficacy than a combination of pain Biology education and group exercise classes.
Electrical stimulation of wrist extensors in poststroke hemiplegia.
ES of the wrist extensors enhances the recovery of isometric wrist extensor strength in hemiparetic stroke patients, with benefits most apparent in those with some residual motor function at the wrist.
Functional electric stimulation to augment partial weight-bearing supported treadmill training for patients with acute incomplete spinal cord injury: A pilot study.
This pilot study indicated that PWB supported treadmill training with FES had a positive effect on overground gait parameters and could potentially accelerate gait training in subjects with incomplete SCI.
A new method of using heart rate to represent energy expenditure: the Total Heart Beat Index.
The THBI is a simple parameter to calculate from continuous heart rate data and provides a reproducible alternative to gas analysis and the PCI and high repeatability was found under steady-state and nonsteady-state conditions.