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Determination of Labile Chromium in Water Samples by Catalytic Adsorptive Stripping Voltammetry in On‐Line System
A sensitive and selective on-line voltammetric procedure for determination of traces of labile chromium is presented. The pulsed potential accumulation was proposed for the minimization ofExpand
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Determination of uranium by adsorptive stripping voltammetry at a lead film electrode.
An adsorptive stripping voltammetric procedure for the determination of U(VI) at an in situ plated lead film electrode is described. The U(VI) complex with cupferron was accumulated from an acetateExpand
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Evaluation of ammonia buffer containing EDTA as an extractant for Cr(VI) from solid samples.
A novel procedure for the extraction of soluble, sparingly soluble and insoluble Cr(VI) from solid samples was presented. EDTA was added to an ammonia buffer commonly used only for the extraction ofExpand
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Selective, sensitive and economical method for the adsorptive voltammetric determination of trace amounts of Mo(VI) in organic matter rich environmental samples.
A differential pulse adsorptive stripping voltammetric method has been developed for molybdenum trace determination in environmental water samples containing organic compounds. It was proved thatExpand
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Hydroxyurea has the capacity to induce damage to human erythrocytes which can be modified by radical scavengers.
The treatment of human erythrocytes with hydroxyurea [HU] results in the azide-dependent changes in osmotic fragility and in increased methemoglobin formation. Similar changes were induced by H2O2Expand
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Modification of catalytic adsorptive stripping voltammetric method of hexavalent chromium determination in the presence of DTPA and nitrate
Abstract.The voltammetric procedure for determination of traces of Cr(VI) [Anal. Chim. Acta (1992) 262:103] was modified by changing the temperature of the measurements. It was found that at theExpand
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Adsorptive stripping voltammetry of nickel and cobalt at in situ plated lead film electrode
In situ plated lead film electrode was proposed for adsorptive stripping voltammetric determination of nickel and cobalt in the presence of dimethylglyoxime. The stabilisation of lead at mildExpand
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Essential Oils as Antimicrobial Agents—Myth or Real Alternative?
Herbs and the essential oils derived from them have been used from the beginning of human history for different purposes. Their beneficial properties have been applied to mask unpleasant odors,Expand
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Voltammetric determination of Cr(VI) in a flow system in the presence of diethylenetriaminepentaacetic acid (DTPA) following its deposition in the metallic state
Abstract A sensitive and very selective procedure for voltammetric determination of traces of Cr(VI) in the flow system is presented. The calibration graph is linear from 1×10−9 to 1×10−7 mol l−1 andExpand
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Extraction and determination of hexavalent chromium in soil samples
A procedure for the extraction of Cr(VI) from solid soil-like samples was presented in which the complexing properties of diethylenetriaminepentaacetic acid (DTPA) were exploited to extract insolubleExpand
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