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A model of habitability within the Milky Way galaxy.
This study has improved on other literature on the GHZ by populating stars on an individual basis and modeling Type II supernova and Type Ia supernova sterilizations by selecting their progenitors from within this preexisting stellar population. Expand
Indexing of Spatiotemporal Trajectories for Efficient Distance Threshold Similarity Searches on the GPU
Overall, this work finds that the GPU is an attractive technology for a broad range of relevant trajectory database scenarios for applications in many domains. Expand
Astrobiological Effects of Gamma-Ray Bursts in the Milky Way Galaxy
A planet having protective ozone within the collimated beam of a Gamma Ray Burst (GRB) may suffer ozone depletion, potentially causing a mass extinction event to existing life on a planet's surfaceExpand
Assessing researcher interdisciplinarity: a case study of the University of Hawaii NASA Astrobiology Institute
It is found that the majority of the UHNAI team is engaged in interdisciplinary research, and it is suggested that the method could be applied to additional NASA Astrobiology Institute teams in particular, or other interciplinary research teams more broadly, to identify and facilitate collaboration opportunities. Expand
In-Memory Distance Threshold Queries on Moving Object Trajectories
The need to query spatiotemporal databases that store trajectories of moving objects arises in a broad range of application domains. In this work, we focus on in-memory distance threshold queriesExpand
Extending Galactic Habitable Zone Modeling to Include the Emergence of Intelligent Life.
The findings suggest that the inner Galaxy should logically be a prime target region for searches for extraterrestrial intelligence and that any civilizations that may have emerged there are potentially much older than the authors' own. Expand
A hybrid CPU/GPU approach for optimizing sorting throughput
It is demonstrated that, while out-of-place GPU sorting achieves the best performance, an in-place sort has the potential to further reduce some host-side bottlenecks, which encourages several future research priorities. Expand
Exploiting Variant-Based Parallelism for Data Mining of Space Weather Phenomena
This paper proposes a novel approach and a set of optimizations to maximize throughput in variant-based parallelism, which exploits commonalities and reuse among variant computations in order to improve multithreading scalability and enable new approaches in computer-aided discovery. Expand
Superresolution Full-polarimetric Imaging for Radio Interferometry with Sparse Modeling
It is found that $\ell _1$+TV regularization can achieve much better image fidelity in linear polarization than other techniques over a wide range of spatial scales, not only in the super-resolution regime, but also on scales larger than the diffraction limit. Expand
Accelerating the Unacceleratable: Hybrid CPU/GPU Algorithms for Memory-Bound Database Primitives
A model is developed that considers main memory accesses and PCIe data transfers, which are two major bottlenecks for hybrid CPU/GPU algorithms, and can accurately predict the fraction of work to be sent to each architecture, and confirms that these overlooked database primitives can be accelerated despite their memory-bound nature. Expand