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Body color sets: A compact and reliable representation of images
This paper proposes a novel definition of color sets, called body color sets and lines. The proposed technique refers to the dichromatic reflectance model, which states that the colors of a uniformExpand
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Color Connectedness Degree for Mean-Shift Tracking
This paper proposes an extension to the mean shift tracking. We introduce the color connectedness degrees (CCD) which, more than providing statistical information about the target to track, embedsExpand
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Apports de la couleur et des modèles de réflexion pour l'extraction et le suivi de primitives
Comprendre les mecanismes de transparence et de variations photometriques ne peut que faciliter la mise en oeuvre de tâches de traitement et d'analyse d'images, soit en modelisant ces phenomenes soitExpand
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Adaptive spatio-color clustering based on the connectedness in a chrominance-luminance space
The paper presents a spatio-color clustering method. First, the RGB space is converted into a spherical representation in order to better reveal the body color vectors of the image. TheExpand
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Feature Points Tracking: Robustness to Specular Highlights and Lighting Changes
Since the precise modeling of reflection is a difficult task, most feature points trackers assume that objects are lambertian and that no lighting change occurs. To some extent, a few approachesExpand
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Covariance Descriptor Multiple Object Tracking and Re-identification with Colorspace Evaluation
This paper addresses the multi-target tracking problem with the help of a matching method where moving objects are detected in each frame, tracked when it is possible and matched by similarity ofExpand
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A Color Topographic Map Based on the Dichromatic Reflectance Model
Topographic maps are an interesting alternative to edge-based techniques common in computer vision applications. Indeed, unlike edges, level lines are closed and less sensitive to externalExpand
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Enhanced local binary covariance matrices (ELBCM) for texture analysis and object tracking
This paper presents a novel way to embed local binary texture information in the form of local binary patterns (LBP) into the covariance descriptor. Contrary to previous publications, our method isExpand
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Mixed color/level lines and their stereo- matching with a modified Hausdorff distance
Level sets appear a suitable basis to decomposing an image into a meaningful organization of basic entities. Handling images by a basis of associated sets proves more effective than consideringExpand
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HTRI: High time range imaging
HDRI (High Dynamic Range Imaging) techniques are used to produce dynamic and well-contrasted images of real-world luminance, by capturing several images of the same scene through exposure bracketing.Expand
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