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Pollen, tapetum and orbicule development in Modiolastrum malvifolium (Malvaceae).
BACKGROUND AND AIMS Although orbicular functions are still a matter of debate, they are considered by most authors to be exclusively formed by a secretory tapetum. However, the presence of orbiculesExpand
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Pollen development and anther morphology in 14 species of Rhamnaceae
Microsporogenesis, microgametogenesis, and anther structure of 14 species belonging to Rhamneae (Rhamnoids clade), Paliureae, Pomaderreae, Colletieae, and Gouanieae (Ziziphoids clade) of theExpand
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Pollen Development and Morphology in four Species of Pterocactus (Cactaceae)
We report a detailed study of the development and morphology of pollen in four species of the genus Pterocactus (Cactaceae), carried out by using LM and SEM. The anther is tetrasporangiate, its wallExpand
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Pollen, Tapetum, and Orbicule Development in Colletia paradoxa and Discaria americana (Rhamnaceae)
Tapetum, orbicule, and pollen grain ontogeny in Colletia paradoxa and Discaria americana were studied with transmission electron microscopy (TEM). The ultrastructural changes observed during theExpand
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Structure of the stigma and style in sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.).
This is the first report of the ultrastructure of the stigma and style during and after anthesis in Helianthus annuus L. using light and transmission electron microscopy. The stigma is bifid withExpand
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Pollen ontogeny in Magnolia liliflora Desr.
Pollen ontogeny contributes significantly to the evolutionary analysis and the understanding of the reproductive biology of seed plants. Although much research on basal angiosperms is being carriedExpand
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Morphological and ultrastructural studies of floral nectaries in Rhamnaceaea,b
Abstract Morphology, anatomy, and ultrastructure of nectaries of 12 species belonging to five tribes of Rhamnaceae (Pomaderreae, Colletieae, Paliureae, and Gouanieae of the Ziziphoids clade andExpand
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Structure of the stigma and style of Callaeum psilophyllum (Malpighiaceae) and its relation with potential pollinators
The family Malpighiaceae, particularly in the Neotropic, shows a similar floral morphology. Although floral attraction and rewards to pollinators are alike, stigmas and styles show more diversity.Expand
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Ultrastructure of the stigma and style of Cabomba caroliniana Gray (Cabombaceae)
Cabomba Aubl. is a genus that presents a range of features that have made it to be considered a potential genetic model for studies of early angiosperm evolution. Therefore, any study that expandsExpand
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Structure of the style and pollen tube pathway in the Ziziphoid and Rhamnoid clades of Rhamnaceae
The ultrastructure of the style and pollen tube pathway before, during and after anthesis were studied in 13 species belonging to the tribes Pomaderreae, Paliureae, Colletieae and GouanieaeExpand
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