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On the decorrelation of filter-bank energies in speech recognition
A new representation is proposed that significantly outperforms both mel-cepstrum and LPC-cePstrum techniques in both recognition rate and computational cost and consists of filtering the frequency sequence of filter-bank energies with an extremely simple filter that equalizes the variance of the cepstral coefficients.
Characterization and Comparison of Skype Behavior in Wired and Wireless Network Scenarios
Analyzing the call quality perceived by Skype users in both fixed and mobile environments reveals that Skype calls are above the minimum acceptable quality when using PC-based nodes, whereas quality is not acceptable when using mobile terminals.
VoIP Performance in SIP-Based Vertical Handovers Between WLAN and GPRS/UMTS Networks
This paper experimentally analyzes the handover performance of VoIP sessions in a wireless overlay of 802.11 WLANs and GPRS/UMTS networks when mobility is handled at the application layer by SIP to reveal good performance values are achieved and acceptable quality is obtained for handovers from WLAN towards UMTS.
Business Model Analysis and Evaluation Framework for PQoS-aware VoIP and IPTV Services of Mobile Operators
The outcome of this paper is that the ADAMANTIUM solution can be both profitable and applicable by broadening the already existing business models of the communications sector.
SHOPS: Towards a Secure System for Identity Management and Payments in the New Electrical Market
SHOPS has developed an open, crossdomain and platform-neutral system for describing the services for different equipment and applications that allows the reduction of the cost and time for launching new Equipment and applications.