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Cosmology and gravitational waves in consistent D→ 4 Einstein-Gauss-Bonnet gravity
In a very recent paper [1], we have proposed a novel $4$-dimensional gravitational theory with two dynamical degrees of freedom, which serves as a consistent realization of $D\to4$
Instabilities in Mimetic Matter Perturbations
We study cosmological perturbations in mimetic matter scenario with a general higher derivative function. We calculate the quadratic action and show that both the kinetic term and the gradient term
Higher Derivative Mimetic Gravity
We study cosmological perturbations in mimetic gravity in the presence of classified higher derivative terms which can make the mimetic perturbations stable. We show that the quadratic higher
Thermostatistics with minimal length uncertainty relation
Existence of minimal length is suggested in any quantum theory of gravity such as string theory, double special relativity and black hole physics. One way to impose minimal length is deforming
Inflation with multiple vector fields and non-Gaussianities
We consider a model of inflation consisting a triplet of $U(1)$ vector fields with the parity violating interaction which is non-minimally coupled to inflaton. The vector field sector enjoys global
Analytic study of dark photon and gravitational wave production from axion
Axion-like fields heavier than about $10^{-27}$eV are expected to oscillate in the radiation dominated (RD) epoch when the Hubble parameter drops below their mass. Considering the Chern-Simons