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INTRODUCTION WE DEVELOP here a generalization to singular spaces of the Poincare-Lefschetz theory of intersections of homology cycles on manifolds, as announced in [6]. Poincart, in his 1895 paperExpand
Stratified Morse theory
Suppose that X is a topological space, f is a real valued function on X, and c is a real number. Then we will denote by X ≤c the subspace of points x in X such that f(x)≤c. The fundamental problem ofExpand
Equivariant cohomology, Koszul duality, and the localization theorem
(1.1) This paper concerns three aspects of the action of a compact group K on a space X . The ®rst is concrete and the others are rather abstract. (1) Equivariantly formal spaces. These have theExpand
Intersection homology II
In [19, 20] we introduced topological invariants IH~,(X) called intersection homology groups for the study of singular spaces X. These groups depend on the choice of a perversity p: a perversity is aExpand
Feedback shift registers, 2-adic span, and combiners with memory
Feedback shift registers with carry operation (FCSR) are described, implemented, and analyzed with respect to memory requirements, initial loading, period, and distributional properties of their output sequences. Expand
Fibonacci and Galois representations of feedback-with-carry shift registers
A feedback-with-carry shift register (FCSR) with "Fibonacci" architecture is a shift register provided with a small amount of memory which is used in the feedback algorithm for the fast generation of pseudorandom sequences with good statistical properties and large periods. Expand
On the Spectrum of the Equivariant Cohomology Ring
Abstract If an algebraic torus $T$ acts on a complex projective algebraic variety $X$ , then the affine scheme $\text{Spec}\,H_{T}^{*}\left( X;\,\mathbb{C} \right)$ associated with the equivariantExpand
2-Adic Shift Registers
Pseudorandom sequences, with a variety of statistical properties (such as high linear span, low autocorrelation and pairwise cross-correlation values, and high pairwise hamming distance) are important in many areas of communications and computing ( such as cryptography, spread spectrum communications, error correcting codes, and Monte Carlo integration). Expand
An Introduction to Abstract Algebra
algebra plays a fundamental role in many areas of science and engineering. In this chapter we describe a variety of basic algebraic structures that play roles in the generation and analysis ofExpand
Arithmetic crosscorrelations of feedback with carry shift register sequences
An arithmetic version of the crosscorrelation of two sequences is defined, generalizing Mandelbaum's (1967) arithmetic autocorrelations. Expand