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Phonation types: a cross-linguistic overview
Differences in phonation type signal important linguistic information in many languages, including contrasts between otherwise identical lexical items and boundaries of prosodic constituents, according to a recurring set of articulatory, acoustic, and timing properties. Expand
A cross-linguistic acoustic study of voiceless fricatives
Results of an acoustic study of voiceless fricatives in seven languages are presented. Three measurements were taken: duration, center of gravity, and overall spectral shape. In addition, formantExpand
A Factorial Typology of Quantity-Insensitive Stress
This paper presents an Optimality-theoretic (Prince and Smolensky 1993) analysis of quantity-insensitive stress. A set of grid-based constraints is shown by means of a computer-generated factorialExpand
A Perceptually-Driven Account of Onset-Sensitive Stress
This paper explores onset-sensitive stress from a typological, phonetic and phonological perspective. A phonetic study of three onset-sensitive stress systems suggests a close match between onsetExpand
A typology of contour tone restrictions
This paper presents results of a survey of contour tones in 105 languages with lexical tone. Results indicate an implicational hierarchy of tone bearing ability, whereby long vowels are most likelyExpand
A Phonological and Phonetic Study of Word‐Level Stress in Chickasaw1
  • M. Gordon
  • Sociology
  • International Journal of American Linguistics
  • 1 January 2004
This paper presents results of a phonological and phonetic study of stress in Chickasaw, a Muskogean language spoken in south central Oklahoma. Three degrees of stress are differentiatedExpand
Acoustic correlates of stress in Turkish Kabardian
This paper reports results of an acoustic study of stress in the Turkish dialect of the Northwest Caucasian language, Kabardian. Stressed syllables were found to have consistently higher fundamentalExpand
Phonetic structures of Turkish Kabardian
This paper reports results of a quantitative phonetic study of Kabardian, a Northwest Caucasian language that is of typological interest from a phonetic standpoint. A number of cross-linguisticallyExpand
Phonology–Phonetics Interface
Investigation of the role of phonetic factors in shaping phonological systems is a prominent area of research in theoretical phonology. Expanding from early attempts to offer articulatory andExpand
A cross‐linguistic acoustic study of fricatives
This work presents results of an acoustic study of fricatives in 7 languages (Aleut, Chickasaw, Hupa, Montana Salish, Scottish Gaelic, Toda, and Western Apache), all of which contrast fricatives madeExpand