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Halogens and their role in polar boundary-layer ozone depletion
During springtime in the polar regions, unique photochemistry converts inert halide salt ions (e.g. Br − ) into reactive halogen species (e.g. Br atoms and BrO) that deplete ozone in the boundaryExpand
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Collaboration between the natural, social and human sciences in Global Change Research
In nearly all domains of Global Change Research (GCR), the role of humans is a key factor as a driving force, a subject of impacts, or an agent in mitigating impacts and adapting to change. WhileExpand
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The role of science diplomacy: a historical development and international legal framework of arctic research stations under conditions of climate change, post-cold war geopolitics and
The Arctic is undergoing transformation, where three important drivers are climate change, post-Cold War geopolitics and globalization/power transition from the rise of China. This transformationExpand
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The political economy of climate adaptation
Initiatives to adapt to the effects of climate change are growing in number but may fail to achieve the desired outcomes unless critical competing interests are taken into account during the planningExpand
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Sustainability Decision Support Framework for Industrial System Prioritization
A multicriteria decision-making methodology for the sustainability prioritization of industrial systems is proposed. The methodology incorporates a fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process method that allowsExpand
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Facilitating climate change adaptation through communication: Insights from the development of a visualization tool
We discuss requirements for developing meaningful communication for climate change adaptation towards homeowners in the Nordic region, which are important to overcome individual barriers. Expand
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Waste-to-energy, municipal solid waste treatment, and best available technology: Comprehensive evaluation by an interval-valued fuzzy multi-criteria decision making method
Abstract The treatment of municipal solid waste (MSW) has become an urgently important task of many countries. This objective of this study is to present a novel group multi-attribute decisionExpand
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Case studies of scenario analysis for adaptive management of natural resource and infrastructure systems
Management of natural resources and infrastructure systems for sustainability is complicated by uncertainties in the human and natural environment. Moreover, decisions are further complicated byExpand
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Optimization of emergy sustainability index for biodiesel supply network design
Abstract Sustainability is an important and difficult consideration for the stakeholders/decision-makers when planning a biofuel supply network. In this paper, a Mixed-Integer Non-linear ProgrammingExpand
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Life cycle cost optimization of biofuel supply chains under uncertainties based on interval linear programming.
The aim of this work was to develop a model for optimizing the life cycle cost of biofuel supply chain under uncertainties. Multiple agriculture zones, multiple transportation modes for the transportExpand
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