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The C5a receptor of neutrophils and macrophages.
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Small-molecule immunostimulants. Synthesis and activity of 7,8-disubstituted guanosines and structurally related compounds.
A series of 7,8-disubstituted guanosine derivatives was designed and prepared as potential B-cell-selective activators of the humoral immune response. These compounds were evaluated for their abilityExpand
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Regulation of immune response by components of the complement cascade and their activated fragments
An activation of the complement system results in generation of a variety of cleavage products that mediate such phenomena as chemotaxis, phagocytosis, anaphylaxis, acute shock, numerous inflammatoryExpand
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Demonstration of T-Cell-Dependent and T-Cell-Independent Components of 8-Mercaptoguanosine-Mediated Adjuvanticity 1
  • M. Goodman
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  • Proceedings of the Society for Experimental…
  • 1 September 1985
Abstract The contribution of T cells to potentiation of humoral immunity by the C8-substituted guanine ribonucleosides and the origin of the increased numbers of antigen-responsive B cells generatedExpand
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Potentiation of the primary humoral immune response in vitro by C5a anaphylatoxin.
The effect of the anaphylatoxin C5a on the primary humoral immune response to SRBC was studied in culture of spleen cells from C3H mice. The addition of human C5a to antigen-stimulated culturesExpand
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Enhancement of T Cell Proliferation and Differentiation by 8-Mercaptoguanosine
Recent studies of the mechanisms by which cellular interactions govern lymphocyte proliferation and differentiation have resulted in discovery of the lymphokines and elucidation of their modes ofExpand
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Induction of immunoglobulin secretion by a simple nucleoside derivative.
8 bromoguanosine (8BrGuo), a low m.w. nucleoside derivative that rapidly traverses the lymphocyte membrane to the interior of the cell, is an extremely potent inducer of immunoglobulin production byExpand
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A New Approach to Vaccine Adjuvants
Vaccination with innocuous antigens derived from pathogenic microorganisms is designed to provide protection against the significant morbidity and mortality associated with diseases caused by theseExpand
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Modulation of lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-mediated function by structural differences of two physically distinct fractions of Escherichia coli K235 LPS.
Lipopolysaccharide (LPS), extracted from Escherichia coli K235 by the butanol water technique, was fractionated by gel filtration chromatography into high m.w. (LPS I) and low m.w. (LPS II)Expand
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